La Hacienda's Beginning

     As we celebrate our 35th anniversary it is fun to reflect back as to how La Hacienda Brighton started out from nothing and developed into one of the premier pizzerias/restaurants in the Tonawanda’s.

     The actual beginning started in New Orleans in the spring of 1977. At the time I was a district manager for Oscar Mayer covering four states, and was about to be transferred to Los Angeles. I have been in the food service business for most of my high school and college years and we missed home… Buffalo. My wife Joan’s brothers had a very successful pizzeria/ restaurant, Bob & John’s La Hacienda, and they offered financial, physical and moral support to help us get up and running. So in August 1977 after much searching for the correct site, we settled on the site that was the headquarters for the Di Rose pizzerias, we uprooted from New Orleans and moved back home with our 1st son, Tommy. With a brief two week training at Bob & John’s along with remodeling in the off hours we were able to open Oct. 3rd. 1977 and have not looked back.

The first 6 months we were only open from 4 P.M. until 11 P.M. and had only 15 items on the menu. Eventually we started opening for lunch and now have over 100 items on our menu. Through the years and with the guidance of many, especially our general manager, Mark Ansel and Jeff Wagner we have grown and prospered. In 1998, our 2nd Son Brendan joined the business and after graduating college in food service has helped us into the 21st century. We are always looking for new ideas to better serve all of the loyal friends and customers who have helped support us over the years. We know that there are many, many options to dining in the WNY area and we appreciate them choosing ours.

     As we look to the future, we know it looks bright with a second generation in the mix and our Granddaughter, Makayla is already expressing an interest. We welcome your input and look forward to the future, serving our “La Hacienda Brighton Family”.


Tom C. Toy Jr.